Hi, I'm Hope.

I've been a photographer for over 20 years and a mommy for 3

Shooting in one of my favorite cities ever: NOLA

Workin' Mama <3

Photo by Anna Nodolf

Why I take pictures

Photographer by Nature.

Ever since I can remember I've been creating images. My first camera was a 1980s teal and pink Le Clic. I've upgraded significantly since then, but no matter what I had to shoot with, photography has always been and always will be a part of life. At some point I decided to make a job out of this passion.

I started a hiking/photo/art blog, then got serious about learning the technical side of photography... and the rest was history. I tried several different shoot genres over the years, I've been honored to accept a few photography awards along the way, and I ultimately decided to focus (pun?!) primarily on bellies and babies. (But I love all types of portraiture!)

Pic taken by my man in San Fransisco, CA

Why I shoot maternity & newborn

My journey with fertility

My husband and I spent almost the entirety of our 30s trying to have a baby. After two miscarriages and nearly a decade of TTC, I finally got pregnant and this little miracle stuck! Despite pregnancy complications and COVID isolation, I just remember wanting to hold and kiss my son; nothing else really mattered to me. That waiting time was precious and difficult and amazing and nothing could take away my excitement and love during that time. Pregnancy is one time in our lives when photos are so meaningful.

Here's a tripod/timer shot I got of me and my 6-month old

I now have the deepest respect for motherhood and am in awe of what our bodies do to make human life. I remember (I hope I never forget!) what those first months were like with a new baby in my arms. And now my little family is my whole world. I can't think of a more meaningful, loving and beautiful way for me to earn a creative living than by capturing these moments for other parents!

Professional Photos Matter.

As a photographer I know and preach the value of documenting stories through pictures. Sure, you can snap some pics on your phone or your camera and they'll be fine. But there really is nothing like stepping away from the work, being with your growing baby in your belly or your new family and just losing yourself in those feelings and moments while someone else clicks away. You simply can't get photos with as much real, candid energy on your own. Plus, you can't really underestimate all of the training and practice that I have had. All of your photos will be framers!

You definitely won't regret investing in them, trust me. <3

photo by Anna Nodolf

Now I'm on a mission...

• To pour all of my emotion and love into the photos I take of you, your body and your family.

• To pose your beautiful pregnant body in creative ways that speak to your personality and story.

• To create stunning and unique works of art.

• To capture the most fleeting and emotionally-charged moments of your life so you'll never forget.

How I work

• My main goal is to make you feel comfortable. Emotions show; the camera doesn't lie. The happier and more relaxed you actually feel,

the better your photos will be. We will do some playing around for a bit and get relaxed.

• I take mostly candids, but sometimes I do "posed candids," where I move you around to look natural. (I get it, it's hard to have a camera

in your face and relax, too. Models literally go to school to get this right and most still have to talk themselves down right before a shoot.

You're not alone if you get the pre-camera jitters. I got you covered). I'll suggest scenes and stories as we shoot, but honestly, the

in-between moments are usually the real framers anyway. And I'm always happy to hear ideas and collaborate as we go!

• I will show you pics as we go if you want.

• We will have a BLAST and make some portraits together with as little stress as possible.

• In short, my sessions are the opposite of a studio session, it's all very low pressure, with minimal posing and maximal laughs.