Adventure Mama

We will wander through nature and - being nature, ourselves - find ways to flow, capture and work with our beautiful surroundings to make artistic, epic, amazing images of you and your belly! Natural light, outdoors, refreshing, and SO much fun!

You're a goddess and you're growing A HUMAN. You deserve this.



Includes up to 30 mins. shooting/adventuring in one location, all the best images, plus one 5x7 print of your choice. This little shoot is the perfect way to pop outdoors for a little bit and capture a few stunning images of you and that story that you're writing inside your belly.




Includes up to 1 hr. shooting/adventuring in one location, snacks, all the best images, one clothing change, plus one 8x10 print of your choice. This is a great way to spend some quality time telling your story and feeling really celebrated as you get ready to give birth!




Includes up to 3 hrs. shooting/adventuring time in up to two locations, snacks, all the best images, two clothing changes, plus one 8x10 print AND one 5x7 print of your choice. This option is ideal for those mamas who are trying to bank those hikes before baby comes and remember every second!


"There is one thing a photograph must contain: the humanity of the moment."

-Robert Frank

"There is one thing a photograph must contain: the humanity of the moment."

-Robert Frank


Do I get to change outfits for shoots?

A. Only my regular and full sessions include time to change clothes. (The mini will be one rad outfit in as many different poses as we can do in an hour!)

How do I change clothes for the regular and full shoots?

A. We get creative! In a car, public restroom, private space in the forest... we will find a place!

Can others come to the shoot with me?

A. Sure! I'm cool with other people adventuring with us while we shoot. This session is only to take photos of you and your partner and other kiddos, though, so no last-minute hop-ins, please. However, if there's anyone you'd like to be included, let me know and we will talk about accommodating that! The more the merrier on adventures, I always say!

Do I get to choose the location?

A. Yep! I'll travel anywhere in the greater areas of King/Pierce Counties, as well as within a certain radius on the Olympic Peninsula. If further travel is desired, we can talk. These sessions are shot anywhere outdoors, your choice of location, backdrop and setting! Feel free to get real creative, too - I'm always in for a crazy-epic adventure (safely, of course). And if you need suggestions, I'm full of them.

Do you charge a travel fee?

A. No extra travel fees for you, mama.

What if I want epic, outdoor photos but I don't want to/can't hike very far?

A. I have a handful of locations I can suggestion that allow for incredibly epic photos without much walking at all! We will find the perfect location for your comfort level.

Do the images I choose for the prints have to be the same ones that I choose for my high-res downloads?

A. Nope, you can choose different images. This is like a little bonus that I throw in for you. Extra pics! Ya know, all parents deserve a little break or a little extra wherever they can get it, ammirite!?

How long will it take to get my photos?

A. I usually say allow for around a month for the entire process to finish - in other words, from shutter click to you having your pictures to share and cherish and print. Sometimes I work faster and sometimes, if I have many shoots I'm working on, it can go a bit slower. I know what it's like to wait for photos, so I work as fast as I can!

How far along can I be to take photos?

A. These are your photos, so it's ultimately up to you. I usually recommend being at least past 25 weeks before we do the shoot. This is because we want your belly to be round and glorious and your pregnancy curves to be developed enough to highlight in the pics. On the flip side, as you get closer to your due date some things become more challenging (like walking, sitting, posing and planning ahead) ;) If it's your first pregnancy and it's been a healthy one so far, I feel more comfortable shooting up until even your due date week (assuming YOU feel comfy... but keep in mind, that's normally the time you are willing this child to get out of your body). ;) If it's your second+ pregnancy, 38 weeks is usually the last week I recommend shooting.