June 8, 2023

Tips For Setting Up Your Space For Your Boudoir Shoot

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So, we’ve chatted via FaceTime and have a general game plan for where to do your shoot. Before I come take your photos, you’ll want to stage the rooms and settings we’ll be shooting in. Don’t worry, it sounds like lots of work but there are just a few tweaks that will make a HUGE difference. A few minutes of work ahead of time and your photos will pop even more. (And I’ll help get things ready and make suggestions when I come, too). 

Here are some tips will help you set the stage for our super sexy boudoir shoot!

1. Remove clutter 

Look around and notice any shelves, counters, tables, etc. that might be covered with clutter. Life is happening, who has time to pick up al the time!? Not me, I get it. But clutter can be super distracting in the background of a photo that is trying to tell a sexy story. If you don’t have time to pick up and out away, I suggest just grabbing a box for each space and throwing stuff from each surface/room in it’s allotted box. Easy! Then you can literally just dump the box back out where the stuff was after the shoot if you want! This makes it really streamlined and quick to clean up the background.

2. Window Light

I love love love window light for boudoir pics! It’s best to have all the curtains and shades open before I come, and then I have an idea of what the light is doing right away and can stat formulating the moves and poses for you and you space. Going one step further and removing curtains and shades will take it up a notch for sure, but this isn’t necessary to get the epic shots. 

As for lighting in general, here are 3 thoughts: 

1) We will want to make sure and turn off all overhead lights and 

2) Candles an be an excellent addition to lighting and ambiance, so having some at the ready can’t hurt.

3) Lamps might be ok, but if your bulbs are too yellow I most likely won’t want to use them. I mean, it really depends on the space and the wall color and the window light situation, but IF you have a million free hours on your hands, switching those two daylight bulbs can be a bonus.

3. Check Your Bedding, Couch or Flooring 

If we’re shooting on your bed, you’ll want to make sure the bedding doesn't have stains. I will have a steamer with me for really egregious wrinkles, but it your comforter or sheets are über wrinkly, I usually suggest throwing them in the dryer on hight with a wet towel for about 15-20 minutes. Even if we’re doing a messy-bedding look (in which case, the more wrinkles the better!) It’s helpful to have those little wrinkles out. 

If we’re shooting on a couch or a chair- and this goes especially for dark upholstery - make sure it’s lint-rolled or vacuumed. (I always have a lint roller with me just in case, too!)

If we have discussed using a floor, making sure pet hair, crumbs, etc is cleaned up is a must. This isn’t just for the aesthetics of the photos (I can’t realistically spend time in post taking out hundreds of little specks of dirt) but for your comfort as well! Trust me, you will feel much sexier rolling around and posing on a clean floor. 

4. Clean mirrors and windows

We will definitely use windows or effect and not just lighting, and most likely use mirrors that you have, too. I don’t carry cleaning supplies with me so just a quick wipe-off of these surfaces to remove smears, fingerprints, etc. will add a level of professional chíc that’s worth every vinegar spritz.

5. Background Noise

Make sure there aren’t any loud or distracting fabrics or blankets or things like that In the background. We aren’t shooting your décor style - which I’m sure is worthy of a photo shoot in and of itself - we are making photos of you. We want the focus to be on you, the subject, and the louder the background jazz and clash-ier the colors the less the viewer’s eyes will be drawn to the subject.

Obviously I will request changes to the scene and lighting and stuff while I’m there. I’ll make tweaks and adjustments before we shoot a scene. What needs to get taken care of will get taken care of. So please don’t stress about these things, but just do what you can ahead of time. 

Most important to note is this: no mater what your house looks like I will find a space to shoot and a way to take stunning photos of you. You’re going to love these photos no matter what’s in the background. Promise. <3