Everybody is beautiful and every body is a GOOD body. If you don't believe me, book a boudoir sesh with me! I do boudoir with the sole purpose of showing people how beautiful they are. It doesn't matter your body type or age or what gender, if any, you identify with. You are beautiful. you are worthy of being seen and feeling self-love, and I'm here to help you see that.

Why book a boudoir session?

No matter what we look like, we all have issue with our bodies. The way we present ourselves to the world is such a huge part of our culture and lives. There are lies fed to us about our bodies and physiques and about gender and beauty in general that, despite our best efforts to avoid them, sink into our minds and cause us to question our integrity and worth. Boudoir sessions can help this stigma dissolve.

Boudoir is also an amazing gift option for a loved one! Just imagine what might happen when your honey receives a gallery of sexy, beautiful, self-loving photos of you... Oh my. <3

How it works:

We will shoot at your house so you're more comfortable, and this will also make for more natural photos so you can see the real you better! (Don't worry about staging your home or bedroom, I'll help with that). It will be just me shooting - no staff will accompany me- so as to make it very private. You can have one other person there with you if you wish. We will meet virtually ahead of time to discuss our game plan for poses, clothing, comfort-level, etc. I will assure you over and over throughout the process, starting right here, that this is a safe space free of judgement or pressure, and you can feel at ease and respected. I am a professional and I've seen a lot of bodies - this is all about you feeling gorgeous and seen!




Includes up to 30 minutes of shoot time at your home, one outfit, and 5 fully edited photos of your choice. Included with this package: one 5x7 print, and aromatherapy.




Includes up to 1.5 hours of shoot time in your home, two outfits, and 10 fully edited of your choice. Included with this package: one 8x10 print, champagne or sparkling juice and aromatherapy.




Includes up to 3 hours of shoot time in your home, three outfits, and 20 fully edited photos of your choice. Included with this package: one 8x10 and one 5x7 print, champagne or sparkling juice and aromatherapy.


Every body is a good body.

Every body is a good body.

Let me show you how beautiful you really are!


Do I get to change outfits for shoots?

A. Only my regular and full sessions include time to change clothes. (The mini will be one rad outfit - or no clothing if that's what you prefer - in as many poses as we can do in 3 minutes!

Can others come to the shoot with me?

A. You can have one other person at the shoot with you. I find that this makes some people feel more comfortable. This shoot if just for you, though.

Do I get to choose the location in my home?

A. Yep! We will chat ahead of time and you can show me your space and I can make recommendations if you want. Most of the time I shoot in bedrooms. but have also done boudoir sessions in outdoor spaces, and couches or kitchens can be really sexy, too! Even the hood of a car if you want to get really saucy...

Do you charge a travel fee?

A. For locations anywhere outside King, Pierce, Thurston or Kitsap counties, I'll charge a travel fee to cover gas, ferry and time.

Do the images I choose for the prints have to be the same ones that I choose for my high-res downloads?

A. Nope, you can choose different images for print and download. This is like a little bonus that I throw in for you. Extra pics!

How long will it take to get my photos?

A. I usually say allow for around a month for the entire process, start to finish (from shutter click to you having your pictures to share and cherish and print). Sometimes I work faster and sometimes, if I have many shoots I'm working on, it can go a bit slower. I know what it's like to wait for photos, so I work as fast as I can!

Will you share my boudoir photos?

A. I make it very clear in my contract that you have full veto power over me sharing your photos online. Normally - for maternity, newborn, wedding and family - if someone doesn't want me to share their photos I will charge a small fee because sharing photos is one way that I drive sales through ads and social media. However, it's different with boudoir. These are very private, obviously, and it's your body/your choice. I can't legally share naked photos of people online anyway, so that's never in question. But I always get clients' permission in writing to use their photos online or in ads. Your privacy and safety are of the utmost concern to me and I will respect your wishes!