Newborn Session

These first moments at home after giving birth are some of the most emotional, love-filled, intense and beautiful that you will ever experience. The candid, documentary-style images I'll capture will be a lasting treasure and you'll be so happy you have them!

What to expect

These sessions are documentary-style, which means I don't do any posing. I will basically come into your home and be a "fly on the wall" with a camera. I capture real-life moments in the beautiful chaos and deep love that comes with these fleeting newborn days. I won't say much and will just watch you live and and relate and do your thing... and I'll be shooting the whole time! This is such a special, real way to capture the feelings and dailiness of this new chapter if your life.

You have a new baby! You don't want to miss a moment of this.



I will hang out and shoot for about 30 minutes. I'll deliver all the best images. This package is ideal to snag just a few professional photos of your first moments together. If you don't want many visitors or you had a rough birth, this may be a good option.




I will hang out and shoot for up to 1 hour. I'll deliver all the best images plus one 5x7 print. This is great for a bigger family or if you have visitors. In one hour I usually capture nursing/feeding, changing diapers, even napping.




I will hang out and shoot for up to 3 hours. I'll deliver all the best images plus one 5x7 print and one 8x10 print. This is a cover-all for any situation with visitors, family and newborn activity. You have to be ok with visitors for this one - 3 hours can feel a long time but it's well worth it in the end!


"The littlest hands make the biggest imprints on our hearts."

-Hope Black

"The littlest hands make the biggest imprints on our hearts."

-Hope Black


What equipment do you bring for these shoots?

A. For newborn sessions I use very minimal equipment. I never use flashes, strobes or other external lights for these shoots - we want that new little sweetheart to feel safe and not get frightened! I will look for and use windows as often as possible. I will switch up lenses as the scene dictates, but that's about it! (Well, maybe some fairy lights around my lens for a little artistic flare).

Will you be in our way?

A. I will make myself as scarce as I possibly can. Of course I LOVE interacting with families and seeing new babies, but my goal with these shoots is to capture very real, candid moments with you and your family. I won't be directing you very much at all, and while you'll know I'm there, it'll be part of your job to ignore me as much as you can ;) I'll pop up with suggestions or questions every now and then, but for the most part it'll be like having a hidden camera on the wall while you give kisses to your new bundle of magic and gush with whoever else is there .

What does documentary style shooting mean?

A. Documentary style means I don't pose you or your baby or family, and instead I capture the most raw, in-the-moment moments that I see. It's all about pure emotion on camera. I will come into your home and I'll stand back and watch you interact with your loved ones. I can capture diaper changes, bath, feedings, cuddles, and even a portion of sleepy-snuggles if you want. As your sweet babe makes his/her round through the family and the day, I'll be there to capture all the sweetest moments with love. I mean, okay, I may have an inspired moment where I see a stuffie and blankie and think of a cute little scene... and then maybe, sure, we'll throw some Anne Geddes energy into the mix. But mostly no posing or scene-setting.

How long will it take to get my photos?

A. I usually say allow for around a month for the entire process to finish - in other words, from shutter click to you having your pictures to share and cherish and print. Sometimes I work faster and sometimes, if I have many shoots I'm working on, it can go a bit slower. I know what it's like to wait for photos, so I work as fast as I can!

Do the images I choose for the prints have to be the same ones that I choose for my high-res downloads?

A. Nope, you can choose different images. This is like a little bonus that I throw in for you. Extra pics! Ya know, all parents deserve a little break or a little extra wherever they can get it, ammirite!?

How long after birth should we do the shoot?

A. Newborn is generally considered the first 3 months of your baby's life. We can shoot up to 3 months, however I always recommend doing it as close to the birth as possible. This is because for the first couple weeks you are simply soaking in love. The feeling is indescribable and palpable and can and a layer of intense realness to the photos. You will almost never feel a rush of love for your family like you do right after your baby is born. Your house will probably be a mess, you'll be exhausted, maybe crying a lot, and the photos will be real and raw. Plus, babies grow SO insanely quickly. If we do a week or two after birth your baby will have lost the squishy-redness of immediately post-birth but will still be a total newborn... and you'll want to remember that! The flip side of this, however, is that closer to 3 months you'll be more in a groove with your life and baby and you'll feel slightly more "put together." If that's more the vibe you want, let's book a month or two out!