You have milliseconds to make the right first impression for clientele. These days, most people will see you first online. Here's where I come in! I beg you not to go get average headshots. I call them business portraits: I will capture the essence of who you are and your personality so clients know what you bring, and I'll work together with you to showcase what your business is all about. Your headshots don't have to be boring! Let's have fun and get some artistic and professional business photos.



Includes a 30-minute shoot, all the best images, no clothing changes. This is the perfect short session if you're simply needing a quick refresh on your website or social media content. We can shoot indoors and outdoors. This is also a popular option for people looking to upgrade their online dating sites!




Includes a 1-hour shoot, all the best images, two settings, one clothing change. This is a great option if you need fresh or first-time headshots and online content. We can shoot indoors and outdoors. It's also a good way to showcase what you do in your business or for getting amazing shots for your online dating profiles!




Includes a 2-hour shoot for everyone on your team (up to 10 employees), all the best images, and up to three settings/actions per person. This is a go-to for bigger or growing companies wanting headshots and online content for the whole team. We will do headshots and action shots for each team member.


“I don’t take pictures, I create art for your future.”

– Philippe Halsman

“I don’t take pictures, I create art for your future.”

– Philippe Halsman

Your business matters. Let's tell the world together!


What should I wear?

A. The first and most important rule for taking a great headshot is that you feel like yourself; more important than rules about jewelry or shirt patterns is that you wear something that makes you feel great and in your element! That being said, I generally suggest that people avoid small patterns (especially on lighter-colored fabrics). Black is always a winner. White or lighter-colored tops are generally best suited for those with darker skin tones. As for jewelry, big earrings or necklaces can be tricky, but I do love a good statement piece. (I also love to wear them). Just make sure your shirt is simple if you choose to go big on jewelry. Also, in general, tighter clothing tends to read better in a photo regardless of body type. This, of course, depends on your preferences and the style of the outfit, and you're welcome to show me your outfit choices and I'll give my 2 cents! But I'll end all of this by saying again: be yourself and feel great!

Can I change clothes?

A. Yes, you can in my regular or full shoots. 30-minutes is generally not enough time to facilitate a clothing change and get all the photos you'll want.

Can others come to the shoot with me?

A. Yes, I'm fine with other people being there with us (and they obviously will be for the corporate or all-office gigs). We will plan some group shots for the corporate packages and can do a couple of group photos in with the regular shoot as well.

How long will it take to get my photos?

A. In general, about a month. This is a give-or-take situation, though, because certain times of year are busier than others. (You understand!)

Where will we do the shoot?

A. That's something we will talk about beforehand. Outside and/or in your office, or maybe there's a specific place you have in mind. Up to you!

Will you travel?

A. Yes, anywhere within the greater Puget Sound area. Basically as far east as Northbend, as far north as Whidbey Island, as far south as Olympia and as far west as Port Angeles. Further than these places I will add on a $25 travel fee. Ferry fee will be tacked onto your invoice.

Can I use all these photos to make money?

A. It's a bit complicated; we can chat more about this. I technically still own the rights to the photos even after I deliver your digital copies. The photos that I deliver to you are yours to use for social media platforms, emails, and website content, print, etc. However, you cannot use any images that I take to sell for ads and/or to make money directly for your business. There's a bit of a fine line, but it's all in my contract. And like I said, we can talk more about this in person. I can draw up a specific contract if you'd like to use these for ads for your business -- you can buy the rights to the photos from me. Obviously they're used for promotion for your business if posted on social media, but selling the photos to another entity (like a magazine or newspaper) is a completely different story.