September 15, 2023

Fall Mini Sessions: Why They RULE


When the wheel of the year turns to fall, we all feel it. And most of us LOVE it. The air gets crispy, the leaves change color, you pull out your chunkiest sweaters with squeals and elan, and Starbucks brings back the pumpkin spice (and I cry for joy, y’all). 

It’s not just the reds and oranges and spices and woolies and foggy mornings. Autumn is special because it’s the precursor to the dark, introspective holiday and winter season. This is the time to give voice to our gratitude for all that we’ve “harvested” this year. 

There is a new kind of excitement in the air, and there is a definite air of homeyness. The world outside is shifting. We are shifting. We spend more time at home with our loved ones during the fall and winter months. We get to build fires and drink hot tea in the afternoons. This is when the salty-hikey-campey-boaty-vacationy-sandy flings of summer settle down and we go into hibernation mode and I, for one, LOVE it.

I don’t know about you, but once that air starts to change I start to hunker. These days all I want to do is bake muffins, listen to Ella Fitzgerald, and play duplos with my three-year-old. ‘

But I can’t play and bake and swoon all day. A girl’s gotta work.

One way I aim to keep the holiday lights a-burnin’ this winter is by offering Fall Mini Sessions. These are sooooo much fun. 

Here’s the schtick: they are 30-minute sessions, back-to-back, all in one location. (This year we are at Ober Park and I’m bringing the cider!)

As the world pushes us inside, many of us want to mark the shift with a ritual of some sort: baking, gifting, lights…photos. A fall photo session can be a special marker of the past year. It’s a way to say, “Here we are! We made it. This is Us, this is where we are at this moment in time.” Everyone's story is sacred and matters so much! 

We will never get thee days and moments back. I say this, not to make more money, but because it’s true and from the heart. Photos are truly truly one of the fastest, easiest and most honest ways to freeze time. Arguably they are the only way to freeze time, (videos, too). 

What happened to you this year? Was it epic? Simple? Did you survive something amazing? Was it more or less the same as the last few years? Mark it. Capture it. And not with your phone, that’s not the same. All you have to do it show up and lose yourself in your love for your family, and I’ll do all the work. 

These fall mini session are a short & super fun time, and you’ll have a lasting treasure to show for the precious moments hanging out together. Come single, with a pet, with a family... come as you are!

Let's celebrate life and family and autumn together.

Ober Park on beautiful Vashon Island, Sunday October 8 and Sunday October 15. Various times.

CLICK HERE to claim your spot or feel free to contact me with questions or to book through me!